About Sarayana Yoga

Sarayana Yoga

Sarayana Yoga is an alignment based system of Hatha Yoga that synthesizes TCM Meridian theory, Taoist symbolism, and Rolfing concepts to teach skillful living to humans interested in wellness and profound sanity.

It is a slow, purposeful and personal practice that is fundamentally therapeutic even when it is physically challenging.

Both Yin (passive) and Yang (effortful) types of movement are explored and formal
meditation is a focus.

The spectrum of practice is oriented around three basic symbols, Ground, Center, and Sky.

Not only are our Classes navigated with these symbols, but we teach students to apply this vision to life at large. It is through the exploration of personal and universal symbolism that the practice of Sarayana Yoga is differentiated from other systems of movement.

The Studio:

Kelly Jean Moore and her partners Shelly Wolfe and Wes Carter launched Mission Yoga in 2013 as a multidisciplinary studio focused on offering a depth of practice without dogma or rigidity. Over many years of intentional work, teacher training programs, and co-creation among teachers, the Mission Yoga vision continued to evolve and Kelly, as the Creative Director, founded Sarayana Yoga.

Movement, Meditation, Inquiry, Creativity, and Community are still at the heart of the Mission Yoga ethos. We are proud to be considered a place of higher learning within the field of yoga among the teachers and students of Charleston.

Mission Yoga