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Kelly Jean Moore | Mission Yoga

Kelly Jean Moore 

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Teaching yoga for over a decade, Kelly first became a student of Taoist and Zen philosophies in the mid 90’s as a teenager seeking a way to better navigate the challenges of a difficult home-life. While studying theatre and art history in college she began exploring the psychology of movement and the nature of the mind. Stumbling upon modern postural yoga in the early 2000’s she found all of her interests converging and began a life long dedication to the practice and teaching of yoga. Kelly intuitively weaves elements of Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, and experimental movement into a seamless exploration of humanness. She is an inspired storyteller known for her humor and patient commitment to students. In 2011 she became a certified Rolfer(tm). The experience of becoming a Rolfer and then working one on one with clients helped to expand the lens through which she looked when creating Sarayana. Not a style of movement, Sarayana is more of a method of seeing and contextualizing the varied elements of healing and awakening in our lives. She has trained teachers at the 200 hour level since 2008. She and her partners Shelly Wolfe and Wes Carter launched Mission Yoga in 2013 and she can be found teaching on the weekly schedule and leading trainings regularly. She lives in Charleston with her son who continues to offer her the most challenging and gratifying yoga that she has had the pleasure to practice. You can reach kelly@wearemissionyoga.com or at www.kellyjeanmoore.com.
Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Shelly Wolfe

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Shelly initially came to yoga in 2007 after being invited by a dear friend to try Hot Yoga. At the time she was also in a very demanding job in Medical Device Sales working with Ortho and Neuro Spine Surgeons. Her yoga practice continued to evolve from the 90 minutes she could be away from my cell phone to something that began to change her outlook on life and more importantly her outlook on herself. Continuing to climb the corporate ladder, work became her center. In 2011 she made the decision to enroll in Blue Turtle Yoga’s Teacher Training with Kelly Jean Moore. Little did she know what a life changing experience this would be. Shortly into the program, she came to a crossroads and had to make a decision between the two. Without having answers to what the future would bring, she followed her dharma and changed her life. Her hope is that Mission Yoga will be a space for each student to accept who and where they are, inquire about the possibilities, and provide a vehicle for change and growth.
Kelly Jean Moore | Mission Yoga

Katie Ashley 

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Katie Ashley believes in living life on purpose. Practicing and teaching yoga in a way that acknowledges the vastness of the practice and the practitioner helps her do so. Through her writing, workshops and individual mentoring Katie offers ancient teachings from a modern perspective in a way that is practical, actionable, and inspiring. Her first book, Living Life on Purpose, was published in September 2016 to rave reviews. She has studied with and trained under some of the most renowned and respected teachers in the disciplines of yoga, Pilates, integrative movement therapy, yoga therapy, and meditation. In her teaching she blends the knowledge of her lineages with personal insights and observations gained through her dedicated personal practice and many years of experience teaching classes and individuals. Her teachings offer students simple ways to develop and ever more intentional and intelligent movement and mindful practice so that they may bring their insights off the mat and meditation cushion and into their ever more purposefully lived lives.
Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Sal Familia

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Sal began Classical Yoga training and study in 1972 and has been both an active participant in and astonished witness to the evolution of yoga in the US ever since.

He began teaching Yoga in the late 70’s before the “branding” of asana.  An early interest in the philosophy and psychology of Yoga led him to an academic education in Western and Eastern Philosophy (SUNY Stony Brook), and economic needs led him to a career in Information Technology, web design, publishing and non-profit development.  

Many of Sal’s entrepreneurial pursuits have revolved around his interest in bringing these two worlds together. Although he is thrilled by the explosive popularity of Yoga today, he is convinced that other traditional dimensions of Yoga like spiritual inquiry, meditation and an openness to embrace all contemporary forms of wisdom would bring greater balance and insight to its practice.  

Sal’s teaching style is dialogical in nature and is informed by the insights of the ancient Yoga shastras (the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, etc.) as well as the contemporary arts, modern psychology and neuroscience.

Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Caryn Antos O’Hara

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Caryn believes anything is possible. She has under her belt a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, a masters degree in Graphic Communications, a 200-hour yoga teacher’s certification and many additional hours of trainings in children’s yoga.

A wellness enthusiast since she learned to walk and talk, Caryn left her day job to create a career where she could teach others to live mindfully. Since then she has founded a preventative wellness non-profit and directed a mobile yoga studio. Caryn prefers not to draw lines between each facet of her life, so you will often catch her encouraging yoga and meditation to strangers. Which is somewhat laughable, because Caryn doesn’t really meet a stranger. She a natural connector.

A forever student and innate teacher, she uses her unique combination of formal training, life experience, and interests to connect with others as a health consultant, published writer, and public speaker.

When Caryn isn’t pursuing her next wellness project, she is often riding her bike on the Charleston Peninsula, spending time with her family, or staying active outdoors: running, hiking, surfing, or climbing.


Kelly Jean Moore | Mission Yoga

Micky Kerwick

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In early 2011, Micky practiced her first yoga class at the request of a friend. As a former gymnast, dancer, and runner, she’d aged into a serial athlete, willing to test any sweaty pursuit. After trying every studio New York City had to offer and enjoying aspects of each, it was yoga that Micky realized would challenge her physically & mentally – providing a reminder that the body is an intuitive entity.

Later that year, Micky moved to Turkey where she struggled to maintain a healthy fitness routine until she discovered an English speaking yoga teacher with a nearby studio. The next 6 months flew by with Micky practicing 4 days a week by the studio owner’s side, nourishing body and spirit.

Back in NYC, Micky was bombarded by an influx of yogic styles, teachings & opinions on the practice. She longed for the effortless environment her mentor created in the small Turkish studio. Eventually, she learned to create her practice by surrounding herself with teachers she resonated with & learning from the ones she didn’t, all the while trusting that she was her most valuable teacher.

Now, as an instructor, Micky relates to yoga as a deeply connected life practice, leaving little separation between who we are on the mat and off the mat. She enjoys sharing the timelessness of the asana practice while enriching the journey unique to each student. Her classes are playfully straightforward, music centric, and influenced by teachings from instructors at Jivamukti NYC, PureYoga, Katonah and Mission Yoga.

Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Alex Seaman

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Alex specializes in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  While she loves all forms of yoga, she knew upon first experiencing Kundalini that this was it: for her, there was no quicker way to awaken creativity, energize the body or break through body blocks.

Alex’s classes are described as challenging yet safe, and students claim to leave feeling like they could take on the world.  They are designed to be suited for all.  We are working to strengthen the nerves, balance the glands, and give you an overall experience of Self.  Don’t know what that means? Come to class.

Alex is KRI certified in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Mindfulness I and II certified through Mindful Schools, and children’s yoga certified through Grounded! ATL and Yoga Kidz.  When not in the studio you’ll find her in the classroom or on the streets sharing yoga with at-risk youth.  Her values include hard work, integrity and diversity, and you’ll see this always reflected in her practice.  

Join her on the mat.  Sat nam!

Kelly Jean Moore | Mission Yoga

Lily Ackerly

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Lily discovered yoga after graduating from college and moving back home.  Feeling lost and unsure of what to actually do with the degree she just spent thousands of dollars on she stumbled into a beginner yoga series at a small local studio in her hometown.  

After the first class she stopped at the grocery store to grab a few items for dinner. Not only did her physical body feel light and open but her mind was incredibly clear and in focus. She felt like she was seeing broccoli for the first time ever – and it was beautiful!  After this grocery store moment of clarity Lily knew this yoga thing was not an exercise fad but an incredibly powerful tool in human experience, and so began her journey.

Lily was lucky enough to land on her feet after college with a few stepping stone jobs and eventually a ‘good’ job in Boston.  While working 40-60 hours a week she continued her yoga practice making sure to step into a studio at least once a week.

Just as the yoga brought her clarity as a confused graduate it brought her energy (and sanity) as an overworked employee.  After two years of commuting and daily grinding she quit her job, donated everything but the essentials, packed up her cat and moved to Charleston. She hasn’t looked back. Creating light in her life in this way she was able to bring yoga into a more major role in her life.  

Shortly after moving Lily completed her teacher training at Mission Yoga.

Lily encourages students to get out of the mind and feel into the body in her classes.  She offers alignment based teaching to open the heart and connect the mind, body and spirit.  She believes yoga is for everyone and should be inclusive of all. She wants to guide you to find YOUR light in life.

Kelly Jean Moore | Mission Yoga

Jessica Eisenberg


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Over eight years ago Jessica came to yoga primarily for the physical practice. Over time her practice blossomed into a powerful tool to manage anxiety.

Yoga has brought new perspective, friendships, and opportunities to her life and in 2018 she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Urban Yoga Charleston.

She generally likes to ground and center her classes around a theme, or sometimes a mantra, allowing space for the breath and the students reconnection with themselves.

She is dedicated to the practice of teaching and takes her practice and class planning very seriously AND she likes to remind herself and her students that IT’S JUST YOGA.

When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga she can be found chasing down one of her four dogs or enjoying the beautiful Lowcountry.

Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Crystal Wellman

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Crystal Wellman began studying yoga as a supplementary movement practice while attending professional ballet school before she was even a teenager. From that young age she saw the effects that mindfulness and mediation had on her psyche.

In her fifteen year career has a professional ballet dancer performing with companies across the nation, Ms. Wellman has had the pleasure to teach many different styles of movement. Since moving to Charleston in 2013, she has taught yoga at local studios, for special events and to private clients in homes and corporate offices. Crystal has completed trainings in Yin Yoga, Power Vinyasa, and Hatha, and is currently working toward her her 500-hour certification through Yoga Medicine, a program which “fuses of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics with the traditional practice of yoga”.

Crystal’s unique teaching style weaves together the many modalities through which she has studied and practiced movement, using intentional sequencing to guide students toward a deeper experience of embodiment. Currently Crystal dances locally with Ballet Evolution and develops, choreographs, and produces original contemporary ballet performances in unconventional spaces through her Unbound Ballet Project.

Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Erin Harrington

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As a lifelong athlete Erin came to yoga after breaking both achilles tendons. At the time she had three children under five and life was moving super fast. It was through her injury and the forced slow down that she experienced the regenerative and strengthening aspects of yoga.

Two decades later Erin’s classes combine playful sequencing, poetry and music leaving you refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Erin completed teacher training with Beryl Bender Birch and Cyndi Lee. She met Shiva Rea in 2002 and became a devoted student and friend. She holds a 500 hour Prana Flow certification and continues to study and travel with Shiva who inspires her all ways.

In addition to her living yoga practice Erin is a Functional Medicine Health Coach and an Integrative Nutritionalist. She believes that the foods we eat are secondary to the things that really “feed” us – relationships, career, spirituality and the ways we move our bodies.

Erin moved to Charleston from the Philadelphia area and is loving low country living.

Kelly Jean Moore | Mission Yoga

Lauren Moore

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Although her journey in yoga started years prior, Lauren began regularly practicing yoga while in graduate school for psychology. Over the next few years Lauren used her knowledge from her many years studying psychology and incorporated it with what she was learning on the mat to deepen her practice on and off the mat. After completing her 200 hr training with Kelly at mission in 2016, Lauren immediately sought out opportunities to teach others.

Lauren’s classes are designed to allow you to fully drop in to the moment using intelligent sequencing and breath work. Although her classes can be challenging, Lauren wants to make yoga accessible for every body, and encourages you to really begin to listen to what it is you are intuitively craving in this moment.

Shelly Wolfe | Mission Yoga

Kate Ledbetter

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Kate began practicing asana in 2005 while living briefly in London and her yogic path has continued to amaze and guide her since. Her first movement practice was as a ballet dancer where, from a young age she began to hone body awareness and proprioception. Kate (RYT-200) received her 200 hour YTT and Yin Yoga training at Mission Yoga in Charleston.

Kate’s classes offer a tonic for modern western living through strengthening and stabilizing practices. Thoughtful sequencing with the intention of aligning body, mind and soul are central to her methodology.

A native of the Lowcountry, Kate moved to Charleston in 1998 to attend the College of Charleston. Kate has enjoyed supporting the community she loves through working for local non-profits including Drayton Hall and the South Carolina Aquarium. Kate and her husband, Brian, now live on Johns Island with their two young sons, one dog and three chickens.

Through the yoga of gardening their family grows fruits, vegetables and flowers. These practices allow them to remain grounded to the earth and connected to one another.