Healing Arts


Personal Inquiry is a huge part of the practice of yoga and the best way to dig deep is through one on one work.  All our healing arts offer different modalities that help you to work towards a more integrated sense of self.

Rolfing® Structural Integration

with certified Rolfer® Kelly Jean Moore

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Named after its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that permeate the entire body.

More than fifty years ago, Dr. Rolf recognized that the body is inherently a system of seamless networks of tissues rather than a collection of separate parts. These connective tissues surround, support and penetrate all of the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Rolfing works on this web-like complex of connective tissues to release realign and balance the whole body.

Essentially, the Rolfing process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, thus enhancing postural efficiency and your freedom of movement.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact kelly@wearemissionyoga.com

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

with Caryn O'Hara

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Caryn has wisdom beyond her years and offers it to the world through as an Ayurvedic Specialist as she completes her Ayurvedic Health Counselorship studies. She is a published writer, public speaker, and yoga instructor (at Mission Yoga!). She's a natural connector and inspires others daily with her consistently sunny disposition, even through colon cancer survivorship.

Caryn calls the experience her “rise into grace” and takes from it the opportunity to connect deeper to self and spirit, from which she has honed the ability to shine light and strength as she guides others in turning their biggest challenges into their greatest gifts.

She has twenty years of experience working in teaching and coaching capacities, and today she travels the globe to meet with clients in groups and privately, in-person and remotely, connecting through stories of adversity, illness, loss, struggle, and triumph.

Caryn is currently developing a collaborative passion project and writing her first book. Learn more about Caryn and her signature programs, including Remedy Cleanse, at carynohara.com 

Body Talk with Laura Jarrait

Body Talk with Laura Jarrait

BodyTalk is a simple and effective integrative consciousness healing modality that re-synchronizes your body’s systems so they can operate as nature intended. Through repeated stress and/or trauma, at times the bodymind's natural healing process becomes compromised or breaks down all together.  Communication between all the dynamic systems and parts becomes inefficient (much like a detour in a construction zone) and a person loses physical and emotional health and vitality because of this inefficiency. Rather than diagnosing and treating the symptoms of specific ailments, BodyTalk uses the innate wisdom and priorities of the client's body-mind to re-optimize its overall functioning, nd remove the roadblocks and detours, so the body can heal itself at a root level, as it is intended to do.

BodyTalk Sessions

A BodyTalk session consists of establishing the body’s priorities for attention and recreating or strengthening communication links within the body-mind complex that have broken down due to stress or environmental influences. These priorities are established through a process of neuromuscular biofeedback. Communication is re-established through a process of light tapping. It is non-invasive, energetic work designed to address all levels of being.

You can read more at www.bodytalksystem.com, but the best way to learn more is to experience it.

Sessions can be done in person or at a distance.

Please contact Laura at LauraJarrait@gmail.com or (504) 214-1632 to book a session or request further information.  BodyTalk and Akashic Records Sessions may be combined to great effect.