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It is our intention to offer the highest quality of workshop and series classes, as well guest teachers, teacher trainings and special events.  Keep checking back to our Events page for exciting offerings for our community.  To sign up for events online click here.  Events, special classes and teacher trainings are grouped under the “workshops” tab.  For further details about programming email us at

Cancelation Policy- If you cancel two weeks or more prior to the Workshop or Training, a full refund will be issued but a $10 processing fee is charged for all refunds. If you cancel two weeks or less prior to Workshop or Training, a 50% credit towards future workshops will be issued. No Refunds are given if you cancel 24 hours or less before a Workshop or Training.

Yoga Kickstart with Katie Ashley

Tuesday's 6:00-7:10pm

April 2 - 23rd, 2019

Yoga Kickstart with Katie Ashley

This 3 week intro to yoga series (followed by an unlimited month of yoga and meditation) is the best way to start OR return to a lasting and meaningful yoga practice. Our program will help you contextualize the practice of yoga as a wholistic transformational tradition while introducing you to the history and philosophy, pranayama and meditation practices, as well as foundational postures. SO much more than exercise, yoga has the depth and power to facilitate lasting change in us as humans longing for more connection to ourselves and the world around us. Improved strength and flexibility of the body are only the tip of the iceburg at Mission Yoga. Come join the evolution!

Dates: Tuesday's, April 2nd - 23rd, followed by a month of UNLIMITED yoga and meditation classes.

Time: 6:00-7:10pm

Investment: $85 followed by an UNLIMITED month of Yoga upon completion of the program






Investment: $185


This weekend is for both teachers + students who wish to gain knowledge from a perspective that infuses Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and stability tactics that will redefine your habits within your yoga poses. Through dedicated investigation you will find space in your hips + freedom in your upper body + increased organ function.




Seven stability tactics will be introduced and implemented to yoga poses of all shapes and sizes.  We will learn the hows, whys, and the massive importance of knowing our boundaries in our practice and what "traveling" our poses in two directions really feels like. This material is designed to make us re-learn and re-define what we think we already know.


SATURDAY MAY  11th 10:00am-12:30pm


Did you know that the top of your ankle is related to your liver and also your psoas?  So many places in our body reveal stories and habits and when we build awareness around it we create a gateway for healing.  One yoga pose can give so much insight as to how we feel or what aches and injuries linger. When we connect [the dots] we have a greater capacity to listen and see what our body truly needs.  This is a continuation of exploring familiar yoga poses in a different way.


SATURDAY MAY 11th 1:30pm-4:00pm


This piece of the workshop allows us to truly observe, play with, and begin to embody the differences between our familiar + personal yoga practice and a practice that implements stability tactics.  We discuss the importance of measurement, how our body is the real measurement tool, and the role of muscles + bones within each pose.


SUNDAY MAY  12th 10:00am-12:30pm


We will explore 1-2 poses the stimulate each organ, beginning with the lungs and why it's important to begin there.  We can't give the kidneys space and allow them a better home to function within if all other gateways are unavailable. The entire system needs to work together.  In addition, discussion around glands and chakras give us a better understanding of the system as a whole.


SUNDAY MAY 12th 1:30pm-4:00pm


This is not about bolsters and essential oils, as nice as that is! These restore poses will give organs the time and space to reset and harmonize.  These restore poses are potent and provide the opportunity to change our trajectory of life. How-to for home practice will also be a part of the conversation.

Wine and Chi

6:30 - 8pm

Sundays: November 4th, February 10th, May 5th

Wine and Chi

Join us for our seasonal pot luck style Wine and Chi events. These gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to connect with other Mission practitioners and teachers that you see on the regular but never get to know!

These gatherings now happen quarterly. We look forward to seeing you on the following Sundays at 6:30pm for Wine and Chi:

November 4th
February 10th
May 5th

Please bring a dish to share with the group and whatever you'd like to drink. All are welcome, no RSVP required!

*If possible please bring your own plate, cup, and utensils to reduce our waste!*