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It is our intention to offer the highest quality of workshop and series classes, as well guest teachers, teacher trainings and special events.  Keep checking back to our Events page for exciting offerings for our community.  To sign up for events online click here.  Events, special classes and teacher trainings are grouped under the “workshops” tab.  For further details about programming email us at

Cancelation Policy- If you cancel two weeks or more prior to the Workshop or Training, a full refund will be issued but a $10 processing fee is charged for all refunds. If you cancel two weeks or less prior to Workshop or Training, a 50% credit towards future workshops will be issued. No Refunds are given if you cancel 24 hours or less before a Workshop or Training.

Budokon: Animal Locomotion and Inversion Workshop with Parker Hurley


Sunday, November 19th

Budokon: Animal Locomotion and Inversion Workshop with Parker Hurley

Animal Locomotion and Inversion Workshop with certified BDK instructor, Parker Hurley.

We’ll begin with a brief Budokon Primary Series flow to warm up the body. Next we’ll move into Animal Locomotion, starting on the mat and moving into conditioning drills and games designed to strengthen the body for inverting. Finally, we’ll pair off and break down the components of the handstand, the entrance, the inversion itself, and the exit. We'll finish up class with some restorative postures and partner stretches.

Date: Sunday November 19th

Time: 3-4:30pm

Investment: $30

At Budokon, we honor both- the yogi, who accepts the things that he or she cannot change, and the warrior who battles to change the things that he or she can. This practice is about bringing the intensity of intention into your asanas. We focus on smoothly transitioning from one challenging shape to the next, incorporating martial arts, calisthenics and a piercing focus into a vinyasa flow.

You will sweat. You will be challenged. Strive for the opportunity to fail, to fall, and then pick yourself back up. You are a warrior after all, and every great warrior is defined by how he or she handles the tough transitions that make up a fulfilling life.
For more on Parker head to his Instagram page @parker_hurley

Healing Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga with Brittany Azar


11/19, 12/17

Healing Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga with Brittany Azar

Join Brittany Azar to unwind with Restorative Yoga, Crystal Singing bowls, and Essential Oils.  Journey into a state of calm through a guided meditation in restorative yoga postures. Heal your spirit with a beautiful synergy of crystal singing bowls and plant essences.


Dates:  November 19th, December 17th
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Price: $30 per session

Yoga Kickstart with Chelsea Vurgason


January 8th-22nd

Yoga Kickstart with Chelsea Vurgason

This 3 week intro to yoga series (followed by an unlimited month of yoga and meditation) is the best way to start OR return to a lasting and meaningful yoga practice. Our program will help you contextualize the practice of yoga as a wholistic transformational tradition while introducing you to the history and philosophy, pranayama and meditation practices, as well as foundational postures. SO much more than exercise, yoga has the depth and power to facillitate lasting change in us as humans longing for more connection to ourselves and the world around us. Improved strength and flexibility of the body are only the tip of the iceburg at Mission Yoga. Come join the evolution!

Dates: Mondays, January 8th-22nd

Time: 7:30-9pm

Investment: $85 followed by an UNLIMITED month of Yoga upon completion of the program

The Essence of the Yoga Sutras: A Beginner’s Guide with Sal Familia


Wednesdays, January 10th - February 14th

The Essence of the Yoga Sutras: A Beginner’s Guide with Sal Familia

This six week course is a beginners guide to understanding the philosophy of Yoga from one its principle sources, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Notoriously a challenging book to read, we will take the simplest path into the heart of the practice by beginning with Sutra 1.33, the teachings of loving kindness (maitrī), compassion (karuṇā), joy (muditā) and equanimity (upekṣā), traditionally called “the four immeasurables” and the “sublime attitudes.” This key aspect of Yoga philosophy is often missing in many contemporary Yoga teachings. It was shared by other spiritual traditions of ancient India, most importantly Buddhism, and so we will also be studying selections from The Way of the Bodhisattva by the 8th century Indian Buddhist teacher Shantideva, most notably his teachings on dealing with anger and cultivating patience, fearlessness, mindfulness, and compassion. Returning to the Sutras we’ll then explore the psychology of Yoga (Sutras II.1 - 26), including the concepts of duḥkha, karma, samskara, klesha, etc. We'll then be ready to dive deeply into the vital meaning of eight-limbed (ashta-anga) Yoga as a lived practice both on and off the mat (Sutras II.28 - III.11).

This course is designed for anyone with more than a casual interest in Yoga. It does not require any previous experience with Yoga philosophy. All reading materials will be provided including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, selections from Shantideva's The Way of the Bodhisattva and selections from psychologist Carl Jung’s writings about Westerners practicing Eastern disciplines

This is not an academic course, expect thoughtful consideration, lively discussion, and wild excursions into the meaning of Yoga in every domain of life.

6 Week Course
Date: Wednesdays, January 10th - February 14th
Time: 7:30-9pm
Investment: $85

Stress, Resiliency, and TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises®) with Rachel Keener


December 9th

Stress, Resiliency, and TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises®)  with Rachel Keener

Join Rachel Keener for a workshop designed to support a self-empowering, evidence-based & efficacy-proven, stress and tension relief practice called TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises®). As a bottom-up approach, TRE® actually works to erase the imprint of stress, tension and trauma from the inside out—activating a natural rebalancing mechanism that already exists within our bodies. Simultaneously, TRE® creates space for resiliency and increased mental and physical capacity, bolstering experiences of wellness.

TRE® is extremely effective as a stand-alone practice, and it deepens all other stress-relief practices such as yoga, mindfulness & meditation

Co-founder of Trauma Recovery Alliance, Rachel Keener has studied extensively through non-traditional programs with the intention of discovering how we can be in the world, living authentically, not simply surviving but thriving.  Her curriculum has included: explorations of indigenous cultures and their ancient healing wisdom, bioenergetics, and somatic-based resiliency & capacity building modalities. Specifically, Rachel has studied extensively with the aboriginal medicine people of the Q'ero nation who reside in the Andean mountains of Peru. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a certified global TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises®) provider. Rachel is dedicated to sharing the simple, self-empowering practices she has learned and walking with others who are ready to see if a more joyful, peaceful and meaningful lived experience is possible.

Date: December 9th

Time: 12:30-5:30pm

Investment: $85

Yin Yoga Training with Kelly Jean Moore

February 23rd-25th

Yin Yoga Training with Kelly Jean Moore

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This weekend training is open to yoga teachers and practitioners looking to expand their knowledge of Yin Yoga. The program will explore the nature of fascia and the joints, Yin postures and modifications, and Taoist principles of balance in order to blend Yin and Yang aspects of being and create a more complete and purposeful yoga practice.

*Yoga Alliance certified teachers will receive 13 hours of Continuing Education Credit for this program*

Friday February 23rd 6-9:30pm

Saturday February 24th 12:30-6pm

Sunday February 25th 12:30-4:30pm

Investment: $250

Please bring a journal all three days

Wine and Chi

6:15 - 8pm

Sunday, November 10th

Wine and Chi

Join us for our monthly pot-luck style gathering Sunday, November 12th! Over the next several months we will be exploring the Chakra system. The second Chakra Svadhisthana is on deck for November!

Please bring a dish to share with the group and whatever you'd like to drink. All are welcome, no RSVP required! ***If possible please bring your own plate, cup, and utensils to reduce our waste!***