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It is our intention to offer the highest quality of workshop and series classes, as well guest teachers, teacher trainings and special events.  Keep checking back to our Events page for exciting offerings for our community.  To sign up for events online click here.  Events, special classes and teacher trainings are grouped under the “workshops” tab.  For further details about programming email us at

Cancelation Policy- If you cancel two weeks or more prior to the Workshop or Training, a full refund will be issued but a $10 processing fee is charged for all refunds. If you cancel two weeks or less prior to Workshop or Training, a 50% credit towards future workshops will be issued. No Refunds are given if you cancel 24 hours or less before a Workshop or Training.

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Mission Yoga is currently closed to public classes. 


We miss seeing the Mission Yoga community in the studio while we are closed for preventative social distancing due to COVID-19.


You can find our classes on Facebook via this link:


We will be adding at least 2 classes daily for the duration of the studio closure.


We plan to be re-open on April 1st. As you're likely aware, that could change as the current reality changes due to the suggestions of the experts.


Thank you for being a part of the Mission Yoga community. #wearemissionyoga


Foundations of Meditation with Sal Familia

Tuesday's 6-7pm

4/7 - 4/28

Foundations of Meditation with Sal Familia
Foundations of Meditation is a four-week series of classes to help you establish a practice of mindful awareness and contemplative insight.
The traditional techniques we will explore together will help you break through habits of mind which give rise to confusion, distraction and restlessness.
With equal parts practice and discussion, these classes will help you understand the basic techniques of a centering, lasting meditation practice.
The techniques are simple, fundamental and accessible from the very beginning.
Foundations of Meditation is well suited for those just starting out with meditation as well as more experienced practitioners.
Investment $65 for the 4 week series.

Deep Your Practice

Deep Your Practice
A 4 week series for those navigating a sustainable yoga practice.
Week 1: Map Your Practice
Week 2: Get in the center for your circumstances
Week 3: Plan your route
Week 4: Arrive and Assess

Group Sharing. Asana Lab. One-on-one work.
Build a home practice. Get more out of your studio practice.


$99 for the series plus an unlimited month of classes

$149 for the series, an unlimited month of classes, and a one-on-one.

Space will be limited so that each student can get plenty of one-on-one attention and participation.

If you have questions please email



15 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Kelly Jean Moore

June 11 - 14, 2020

15 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Kelly Jean Moore

This weekend training is open to yoga teachers and practitioners looking to expand their knowledge of Yin Yoga. The program will explore the nature of fascia and the joints, Yin postures and modifications, and Taoist principles of balance in order to blend Yin and Yang aspects of being and create a more complete and purposeful yoga practice.

*Yoga Alliance certified teachers will receive 15 hours of Continuing Education Credit for this program*

Investment: $350

Required reading: Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers

Please bring a journal each day of the training.
Dates: June 11th - 14th
Thursday the 11th 6-8pm
Friday the 12th 6-8pm
Saturday the 13th 12:30-7:30pm
Sunday the 14th 12:30-4:30pm

Yoga Deconstructed® Workshop Weekend

Yoga Deconstructed® Workshop Weekend

October 2nd + 3rd, 2020

4 Workshops in 2 days.

12:30-3:30 and 4:30-7:30 each day.

FULL WEEKEND $225 Early Bird / $255 after September 4th.

SINGLE SESSION $65 Early Bird / $75 after September 4th.

Register online or in the studio.

Workshop 1: Put Some Swoosh in Your Toosh

3 hour workshop


Your booty doesn’t have to be a beast. Having strong gluteal muscles can help prevent injury and decrease back pain. But too many times, we’re getting lax in the back – letting our butts develop “gluteal amnesia,” a muscular imbalance that can overwork the hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower-back muscles, leading to pain and weakness. This Yoga Deconstructed®workshop will dispel myths about what to do with your derriere in yoga poses and help you put some swoosh back in your tush. Free your hips so that you can sashay your way to a better behind.


  • Learn how, why, and when to use your glutes during your yoga practice, daily life, and other fitness endeavors.

  • Explore self-massage techniques, targeted stretches, and corrective exercises

  • Connecting the upper and lower extremities to your spine and pelvis


Workshop 2: Rotation: Move More Like A Human & Less Like A Yoga Paper Doll

3 hour workshop


Discover how to build mobility without sacrificing stability using novel exercises that explore dynamic multi-directional movement in the transverse plane. If you’ve ever been afraid to use a kettlebell or a sandbag, didn’t have access to equipment, or were afraid of hurting yourself, this workshop is for you.


Perhaps you’ve wanted to hire a personal trainer to become more educated about building strength. However, it’s too expensive, you don’t like the gym, and you struggle to find someone you connect with and can trust. This Yoga Deconstructed® workshop will teach you the foundational principles for adding load, improving strength, and enhancing coordination, so you can master new motor patterns in a slow, mindful way, and be better prepared to load in the transverse plane.


You will learn about the subtle nuances of rotation that go beyond a passive yoga twist, including:

  • Creating segmental rotation.

  • Using rotation to improve balance and stability.

  • Accessing rotation through cross body patterning (crawling and gait).


P.S. Soothing somatic exercises and myofascial release techniques are included!


Workshop 3: Creative Progressions for Dynamic Pelvic Stability

3 hour workshop


Pelvic stability is necessary for pain free movement during your yoga practice and activities of everyday life. Old school yoga taught us that all you need for core stability was to engage mula bandha and uddiyana bandha during your asana practice. However, many practitioners still experience SI joint and low back pain, despite adhering to this practice.


Modern movement science is now finding that pelvic stability requires more than drawing the navel to the spine and engaging the transverse abdominus. While isolated strength training for the pelvis and core can be beneficial, you also need to practice connecting the upper and lower extremities to your pelvis in a coordinated and functional way to experience true stability and address SI joint dysfunction.


In this Yoga Deconstructed® workshop, you will learn preventative strategies as well as a vast array of dynamic and static exercises that will keep your SI Joint stable and strong. Whether you have sacroiliac dysfunction, or just want to keep the low back area safe during your yoga practice, this workshop is for you.


Soothing somatic exercises and myofascial release techniques are also included.

Workshop 4: UnWreck Your Neck

3 hour workshop


The daily grind might just be wrecking your neck. Most of us spend a large portion of our days glued to a computer screen or texting on the phone.  Unfortunately your cervical spine bears the brunt of this repeated stress and strain which often leads to stiffness, painful tension and decreased range of motion. Unwreck Your Neck hands you the tools to undo the damage and prevent further injury.


Think of this workshop as a cervical oasis, a place where you’ll learn self-massage techniques using specialized balls to reduce tension in the muscles and fascia of your knotty neck and upper back.


Soothed, you’ll be ready to address all the tissues of your neck, shoulders and forearms with a detailed focus on your deep neck flexors—the “core” of your neck.  Expect to have “a-ha” light-bulb moments as you unveil body blind spots while learning how to change your daily habits to set a new foundation for a healthy, happy neck.


*All four workshops are all levels and qualify for Yoga Alliance CEC’s.


Who is Trina Altman? 

Trina Altman, BS, PMA-CPT, received her training through STOTT PILATES® and is an E-RYT 500, YACEP®. She’s the creator of Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed®, which take an interdisciplinary approach to foster an embodied understanding of yoga and Pilates and their relationship to modern movement science.


Trina has presented at Kripalu, the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference and Yogaworks, among others. She also created and taught a Pilates continuing-education course for physical therapists and was part of the faculty for the Brain Longevity conference at UCLA.


Trina was a finalist in the Next Pilates Anytime Instructor competition in 2017. Her work has been published in Yoga Journal, Yoga International and Pilates Style. Her book, Yoga Deconstructed®: Transitioning From Rehabilitation Back Into The Yoga Studio is slated to be published by Handspring Publishing in December 2019.


She works out of Los Angeles at Equinox and The Moving Joint. For more information on Trina and her online classes and courses, visit Follow her on Instagram at: @trinaaltman & on Facebook at: Trina Altman Yoga and Pilates.

Wine and Chi

6:30 - 8pm

Sundays: November 4th, February 10th, May 5th

Wine and Chi

Join us for our seasonal pot luck style Wine and Chi events. These gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to connect with other Mission practitioners and teachers that you see on the regular but never get to know!

These gatherings now happen quarterly. We look forward to seeing you on the following Sundays at 6:30pm for Wine and Chi:

Please bring a dish to share with the group and whatever you'd like to drink. All are welcome, no RSVP required!

*If possible please bring your own plate, cup, and utensils to reduce our waste!*


November 3rd, 2019

February 2nd, 2020

May 17th, 2020



30 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Each of the three weekends class will meet: Friday 6 – 9pm Saturday 12:30 – 5:30pm Sunday 12:30 – 3:30pm

Training Dates: October 25 – 25 December 6 – 8 February 7 – 9

30 Hour Meditation Teacher Training
** This course is now open for a la carte registration as well. If you'd like to attend just one weekend please let us know via email: **
Mission Yoga is pleased to announce open enrollment in our first-ever Meditation Teacher Training course.

This training consists of three weekends, totaling 30 hours over a three-month period. The format is retreat-like in nature and offers rich opportunities to delve deeper into an embodied understanding and practice of meditation. This training will offer you the opportunity to:

• Deepen your personal meditation practice

• Develop the confidence and skills for adding meditation instruction to your Yoga classes or lead meditation-specific classes and events

• Receive guidance on offering one-on-one instruction and assistance in meditation

• Learn the rich psychological and spiritual foundations of mindfulness meditation

• Gain a deeper understanding of the history and philosophy of traditional meditation and contemplative practices

• Study, learn and enrich your meditation experience within a community of peers.

The coursework for this training is modeled on traditional Yogic studies and includes talks, presentations (videos and slides), engaged inquiry, guided and silent meditation, and applied contemplative practices.

It is carefully designed to help you expand your understanding, deepen your personal practice, and help prepare you to confidently and skillfully offer meditation teaching and assistance to your students. This course is also ideal for any individual already practicing meditation who wishes to deepen their practice, as well as counselors, therapists, life coaches and health professionals who wish to offer meditation to their clients.

With equal emphasis on both study and practice, this three-month, three-weekend course includes - in addition to 30 hours of in-class training - reading assignments, personal study topics, and guidance in specific study and practices to be completed in-between the weekends that we meet. This course is YACEP® certified and qualifies for Continuing Educations hours for RYT certified teachers.

This course will encourage an ongoing meditation practice that draws from elements of traditional Yoga meditation such as the four heart-dispositions (brahma-viharas), the five factors or attitudes of awakening, the eight limbs of Yoga (astha-anga), working with hindrances of the mind (kleshas) and more.

The principal focus of the training is divided into three areas:

I. The Foundations of Yoga Meditation

II. The History, Meaning, and Practice of Mindfulness

III. Teaching & Learning Methodologies

Training Dates: 

October 25 - 28
December 6 - 8
February 7 - 9

Each of the three weekends class will meet:

Friday 6 - 9pm
Saturday 12:30 - 5:30pm
Sunday 12:30 - 3:30pm

Total investment is $500