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It is our intention to offer the highest quality of workshop and series classes, as well guest teachers, teacher trainings and special events.  Keep checking back to our Events page for exciting offerings for our community.  To sign up for events online click here.  Events, special classes and teacher trainings are grouped under the “workshops” tab.  For further details about programming email us at

Cancelation Policy- If you cancel two weeks or more prior to the Workshop or Training, a full refund will be issued but a $10 processing fee is charged for all refunds. If you cancel two weeks or less prior to Workshop or Training, a 50% credit towards future workshops will be issued. No Refunds are given if you cancel 24 hours or less before a Workshop or Training.

Introduction To Vedic Astrology


Saturday, June 16th

Introduction To Vedic Astrology

Come join us as we introduce and explore what Vedic Astrology is, and how it relates to people of all walks of life. Vedic Astrology was and still is praised by Yogis and Seers as the "Eye of the Veda", meaning the tool or lens we use to perceive what is actually going on in our life. It was actually one of the first things that Brahmins would be taught traditionally in India, as it is that important for understanding all of the other branches of sacred knowledge. As such, we can imagine it has an incredible amount of psychological and spiritual value to people who want to live a more fulfilling life.

We all hear how important "karma" is. This Yogic system of Astrology is the key to understanding what our karma is and how to work with it and eventually go beyond it. We will explain the basics of a birth chart, and how to read it, with plenty of examples, so that you can come away with tools to help you further your own Self-development. This class will also give a deeper appreciation and understanding of Yogic philosophy in general.

Corey Dowds is a professional Vedic Astrologer and Teacher, practicing professionally for 8 years now. He is a Kriya yoga initiate of the tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda, and has practiced yogic meditation techniques for 10 years, as well as teaching meditation internationally and locally. Corey is a Sanskrit scholar and reads Devanagari, but can also explain in plain English what many of the complicated Sanskrit term actually mean, which is very helpful for western audiences.

Date: Saturday, June 16th
Time: 12:30-3:30pm
Investment: $40.00

Learn more about Corey at

Yoga Kickstart with Chelsea Vurgason


June 11th - 25th

Yoga Kickstart with Chelsea Vurgason

This 3 week intro to yoga series (followed by an unlimited month of yoga and meditation) is the best way to start OR return to a lasting and meaningful yoga practice. Our program will help you contextualize the practice of yoga as a wholistic transformational tradition while introducing you to the history and philosophy, pranayama and meditation practices, as well as foundational postures. SO much more than exercise, yoga has the depth and power to facillitate lasting change in us as humans longing for more connection to ourselves and the world around us. Improved strength and flexibility of the body are only the tip of the iceburg at Mission Yoga. Come join the evolution!

Dates: Mondays, June 11th-25th

Time: 7:30-9pm

Investment: $85 followed by an UNLIMITED month of Yoga upon completion of the program

The Path of Yoga: Weekend Immersion w/ Kelly Jean Moore

times vary, see course description

Friday, July 27th - Sunday July 29th

The Path of Yoga: Weekend Immersion w/ Kelly Jean Moore

Dive into a weekend of study and practice with Mission Yoga Creative Director Kelly Jean Moore.  This course gives newer as well as more seasoned practitioners the opportunity to deepen their understanding of yoga history, philosophy and asana.

The Weekend Immersion is a pre-requisite for our 200-hour teacher training. Attendance is required at all three sessions:

Friday, July 27th, 6:00 - 8:30pm
Saturday, July 28th, 12:30 - 5:30pm
Sunday, July 29th, 12:30 - 4:00pm

Total Investment: $150.00


Healing Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga with Brittany Azar


5/27, 6/24

Healing Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga with Brittany Azar

Join Brittany Azar to unwind with Restorative Yoga, Crystal Singing bowls, and Essential Oils.  Journey into a state of calm through a guided meditation in restorative yoga postures. Heal your spirit with a beautiful synergy of crystal singing bowls and plant essences.

Date:  Dates:5/27, 6/24
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Price: $30

Mindful Vinyasa Teacher Training - 200HR

Varied, please see description.

October 8th - April 9th

Mindful Vinyasa Teacher Training - 200HR

Our Mindful Vinyasa Program (led by Kelly Jean Moore) will help you discover your own voice as a teacher and empower you to share your love of yoga with others. You will refine your understanding of the science and art of yoga through the study of anatomy, physiology, and philosophy. We only offer this program every other year and we limit the number of students that are accepted to our program in order to ensure a high level of personal attention and an intimate experience of transformation. You will learn to sequence, theme, and teach a purposeful alignment based flow practice, graduating with the confidence to follow your bliss.

October 8th - April 9th

We will meet on Monday and Wednesday nights, excluding Holidays, from 7:30-10pm.

Weekend sessions:
Friday nights : 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturdays : 10:00am - 7:00pm
Sundays : 12:00pm - 4:30pm

Oct. 19th, 10th, 21st
Nov. 9th, 10th, 11th
Dec. 7th, 8th, 9th
Jan. 18th, 19th, 20th
Feb. 23rd and 24th (no Friday session)
Mar. 16th and 17th (no Friday session)
April 6th and 7th (no Friday session)

For more in depth information including, pre-requisites, tuition cost, and how to apply, please request pamphlet via email ( or pick one up at the studio!

Yoga Stability® with Meredith Cameron


October 13th and 14th

Yoga Stability® with Meredith Cameron

Yoga Stability®, an awakening of familiar yoga poses by cultivating awareness around personal habits and learning to find personal bone structure (implementing and learning all Stability tactics), so that one can ignite their organs and really up the ante on overall health and life. It's an approach that gives you tools to be a well-informed individual.

Cameron's teachings are one of a kind, as she has seen the need for everyone to wake up to their own personal set of conditions and realizes that not all cues are created equal.

Saturday, October 13


Upper Body Release

Our upper bodies are always doing all of the work. Sometimes too much and then we end up having aches and pains for might seem like no reason at all.

No wonder we love to use our upper bodies. In Taoism, our upper bodies are our potential and capacity. But how can we, instead use the leverage of our feet and legs, to allow our potential and capacity (the upper body) to be full of FREEDOM?

Come learn and play, as we dive into tools to help to help us rewire the energy usage throughout our body just by using our legs and feet.

We will also connect the dots, learning which parts of the feet are connected to what on our bodies (through Taoism and Chinese medicine) and begin to allow any aches and pains the opportunity to rest.

Our upper body holds our organs and the essence of this practice is about letting our organs work in a nice, spacious home.

Sunday, October 14


Puzzle Pieces

How well aligned are we to our lives? Physically speaking, we are designed to "fit".

Come explore the various "fits" of our bodies and what they mean. As we learn how to fit ourselves, our lives begin to make more sense also.

We move through fits that make our hips more available, that awaken and stimulate the glands, and we will speak of the endocrine system and how their relationship with the chakra system.

"Fits" also allow us to plug in and expend our energy efficiently. So much comes out of a simple fit, yet the challenge it truly plugging into ourselves. That's when currency, oxygen, blood and information begin to flow. And it feels SO good.

Dates: October 13th and 14th

Times: 12:30-3:30pm (each day)

Investment: $40 per day or $70 for both