Class Descriptions


These descriptions will give you some guidance on which classes are right for you today but please remember that our teachers have been given creative license to express their own authenticity in each class. We trust their judgment and hope you do too.


This free class is open to the public as an offering to the city of Charleston in order to keep yoga accessible to all. This Open Flow taught on a rotating schedule by all our celebrated teachers is a great way to get to know us and see why Mission Yoga is more than a workout!


This Restorative/Gentle practice uses various props to allow you to stay in poses for a longer period of time, without discomfort, stress, strain, injury risk or pain.  This class will reboot your nervous system to create more vitality in the mind and body, relieving anxiety, and improving overall health.

Foundational Flow

This class will help you learn or return to the foundations of a vinyasa practice. Awaken your core, connect to your breath, and learn to  “Flow” with intention.  Great for new students and folks looking to refine their foundation.

Yoga Quickie

This is a consolidated practice for those hectic days when you need your mat but can't find the time. In 45 minutes you will be able to drop into your body and start/shake off the day. Expect an Open Flow format with less discussion.

Open Flow

This vinyasa practice is always evolving. Expect a creative sequence in which your teacher unpacks complex poses by building on the foundations of flow. This class may include arm balances and inversions but will always conclude with a full Savasana and seated meditation.

The Mission Practice

Dive deep every week in this 2 hour practice that expands on the basic format of drop-in yoga to include discussion, partner work, movement, pranayama, and meditation. This practice really is the whole enchilada! You will leave feeling the potent effects of a full yoga practice.


This class includes long held, passive Yin poses to open the joints as well as slow, yet intense Vinyasa (Yang) poses to strengthen the core connection and increase integrated muscle coordination.  We use movement and meditation techniques to explore the Taoist and Yogic concepts of opposites that can create balance within our bodies and minds.  Yin/Vinyasa is highly recommended for students of all levels, as it focuses and elevates the connection to the aims of Yoga as a whole.


Kundalini uses the practices of kriyas and meditations to prepare the body, nervous system, and mind to handle the energy of Kundalini rising.  Physical postures focus on engagement of the bandhas and activity of the spine using breath work to direct and control the flow of energy.


Sitting meditation has always been at the heart of Yoga practice throughout its long history. Mission's "Take Your Seat" meditation classes are designed to help establish, maintain or deepen a meditation practice in your life. Each session of Meditation will open with brief instruction in the fundamentals (if required) and a short orientation of the evening’s theme, followed by simple breath work, a period of silent meditation and ending with an inspiring talk and discussion. The intent of this practice is to mindfully engage and integrate body, breath, mind and heart.