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Feb 19

Organize, Tidy, and Be Prepared 

Organize, Tidy, and Be Prepared 

We want your experience at Mission Yoga to be a pleasant and supportive one from the moment you arrive until you leave.

Here are a few tips and requests to elevate your visit.

1. Consider Parking 
We have 12 spaces total and they go quickly. The double spaces in front of the garage doors should only be used as they are designed. In other words, please pull all the way up so another person can park behind you. If you are concerned about being blocked in, please park on the road instead. On road parking is two hour residential and does not require a sticker.

2. Sign up ahead
Even if you reserve a spot you should show up at least five minutes before class . At the 5 minute mark all spots become open.

If classes continue to be extremely busy we will add a few more night and weekend spots in the Spring. 

3. Take your mat home
We love being your yoga home but the student mats are overflowing and filling up the cubbies. Scoop up your mat so that we can donate the abandoned ones and when we’ve cut down the clutter we will invite you to leave your mats again.

4. Put those props away mindfully 
When class ends move with the clarity you’ve cultivated. Put those props in their place neatly with the intention of supporting the next practitioners experience. We tidy as much as we can but we need your help. If you have some free time, offer to help your teacher with studio organization. It’s the yogic thing to do.  🙂

Thank you for being part of this community..You are Mission Yoga too!


Jan 21



Yoga is a discipline, a series of actions and inquiries done with consistent effort and attention.

It is easy for the western mind, raised on the false idea that we are broken,to fixate on the external practices as a way to prove and earn our worthiness.

Practice doesn’t earn you grace. Grace is your birthright.

Practice allows you to get in touch with that truth and loosen the stranglehold of attachment and aversion.

~ Kelly Jean Moore

Dec 03

Hold Still; A Brief Guide for Growing Stuff

Hold Still; A Brief Guide for Growing Stuff

Excerpt from Desert Notes by Barry Lopez:

“Explanations will occur to you, seeming to clarify; but they can be a kind of trick. You will think you have hold of the idea when you only have hold of its clothing.

Feel how still it is. You can become impatient here, willing to accept any explanation in order to move on. This appears to be nothing at all, but it is a wall between you and what you are after. Be sure you are not tricked into thinking there is nothing to fear. Moving on is not important. You must wait. You must take things down to the core.”

Growth is the currency of the yogi these days.

Not just internal growth but also outward expressions of growth such as projects and skills. I hear from students, friends, and even from my own thoughts, a regular desperation at wanting something to manifest immediately, and the struggle of not seeing it come to fruition.

Think of your life as a gardening experiment. In order to succeed at gardening, you must do more than plant and water.

You must understand the seasons. There is a time to plant and harvest but there is also much waiting and no guarantee of useable crops. The will of circumstance does have a way of undermining your plans. Soil matters as does the amount of sun your patch of land gets. You have to work with what you’ve got.

If you are tired, my advice is to stop pushing and listen. Instagram and your great creations can wait. Not moving on or moving forward but settling in….. In and down towards your roots is the appropriate action.

Naturalness is the opposite of cleverness according to Taoist teachings. You don’t need to “hack” your life so much as see it and engage with it more clearly.

Learn the qualities and rhythms of our seasons and obey the natural flow and you will struggle less in general. Fall and Winter are more Yin (simplify and rest) where Spring, Summer and Late Summer are more Yang (Play and produce).

See your life also in seasons. Are you in an incubation period? What is the biggest pull of your energy from day to day? Example: If you have children under the age of 5, you are in survival mode and fighting against that will only exhaust you further and leave you feeling disappointed in yourself.

If you can identify your season, you can stop fighting yourself and instead support what needs to be supported.

Seasonality, patience, curiosity, and appropriate action yield the best results.

Happy gardening everyone!